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The attorneys you hire at Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates are the lawyers who will work on your matters. Our senior attorneys are not just ‘names’. They are practicing attorneys who are actively involved in each of their cases, deals or transactions.

Clients know that when they entrust their affairs to one of our attorneys, they are getting a hands-on litigator or transactional attorney and an always-available counselor with a full team of legal support.

Our attorneys know there is no such thing as a risk free venture or trouble free transaction. We work, however, to identify the risks and minimize the troubles.

Clients quickly learn that Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates is a team of skilled lawyers who combine their extensive legal backgrounds with both private sector and public sector experience. These attorneys are supported by an equally skilled staff of legal assistants who speak French, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and Cantonese.

As a team and as a firm we are committed to building strong client relationships, and to providing top-notch responsiveness and service.

Attorneys of the Firm

Phone: 415-989-7500

Phone: 415-989-7500

Phone: 415-989-7500


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