Bigamy and Bigamous Relationships

If you or a loved one becomes entangled in a bigamous relationship, our experienced attorneys will provide strategic counsel and advocacy to resolve the complicated issues that follow discovery of a bigamy.

Bigamy and bigamous relationships, though unexpected, are not uncommon. Our attorneys recently were asked to analyze a bigamy lawsuit filed in San Mateo Superior Court (Redwood City) in an inheritance dispute. Millions of dollars of commercial properties in the San Francisco Peninsula cities of Millbrae and San Bruno were at stake. After our analysis, we were able to recommend a workable solution that was approved by the Superior Court.

Bearing that in mind, it is against California law for a person who still has a living husband or wife, to marry another person without first terminating the earlier marriage. This is bigamy. Typically, both the Penal Code and civil court decisions penalize such bigamous relationships.

Sadly, some spouses find themselves involved in a bigamous marriage. Sometimes bigamy occurs inadvertently because remarriage took place when a prior dissolution proceeding was invalid or technically incomplete.

Other times, the facts and circumstances are far more complicated than a mere technical error.

Tragically, many bigamous marriages come to light after the death of a spouse and during Probate proceedings. This leads to competing claims to real estate, small businesses and other assets. Litigation of the issues is not uncommon; and sometimes quite necessary.

Our firm's trial attorneys have considerable experience in Probate Court and in probate and estate litigation. They work closely with attorneys in our family law department to untangle and resolve issues created by bigamy and bigamous relationships.

If you learn that a bigamy has occurred, prompt action can avert larger problems in the future. To learn more about the firm's experiences in bigamy and probate litigation and the ability of Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates to provide solutions to family law, probate and bigamy disputes, contact Sidney Luscutoff or one of the family law attorneys at Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates.