California Divorce Cases

Our firm's Certified Family Law Specialists are highly experienced California divorce lawyers with decades of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area courts and in California divorce cases in general. Because of that experience, our family law specialists have developed a unique understanding of the issues that interest the family law judges and commissioners of the courts in San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Santa Clara, Alameda and Contra Costa counties. This experience serves our clients well.

The family law specialists in our firm help clients successfully dissolve short term relationships and also prosecute California divorce cases for clients with decades-long relationships where real estate and business assets may present complex, sometimes multi-national, issues.

Kathryn J. Brown has particular expertise with the unique and often complex issues of California divorce cases for high level wage earners and for spouses in high net worth marriages; including sometimes complicated compensation and asset division issues in the medical, technology start-up, investment banking and biotech fields.

In all divorce cases, we guide each of our clients through the divorce process to reach a fair and just solution tailored to each client's particular needs.

California divorce cases involving "marital status" proceedings generally are categorized as follows:

Dissolution of Marriage

Domestic Partnership Dissolutions

Legal Separation

Nullity Proceedings

Bigamous Marriages

Marvin Relationships

To learn more about the firm's experiences in the family law area and the ability of Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates to provide assistance with California divorce cases, contact your attorney or one of the family law specialists at Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates.

We welcome new local California, San Francisco Bay Area and international family law clients. Please review our Practice Areas and contact us and ask for one of the firm's family law attorneys for assistance. If one of our attorneys is not immediately available when you contact us, note that our experienced law firm paralegals are fluent in French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean and Cantonese.