Child Custody and Support

Our San Francisco family law lawyers have extensive experience resolving complex child custody and support issues; including, for example, when children have special needs and talents or when parents live in different cities, states or countries. We also regularly solve the types of child custody and support issues that arise when parents are mobile executives in the San Francisco Bay Area's research, high tech and professional communities.

Child custody and support are usually mentioned in the same sentence as if they were one and the same thing. Our firm's certified family law specialists, are quick to point out that things are not that simple.

Child custody and child support are two separate issues under California law. Family Law department judges in the San Francisco Bay Area's courts honor that separateness. Those judges will also recognize the diverse needs of children, the range of available educational opportunities and the varying costs of living in the San Francisco Bay Area communities.

Every family's situation requires special attention. Every family and every case. This principle is especially important when international treaties, Japanese law, French law or the Hong Kong Ordinances are involved.

A mother's or a father's parental duties and the ultimate rights and financial obligations involved in questions of child custody and support are unique to each family and child. They can vary substantially from case to case and will depend on the needs of each child and on the background and financial circumstances of each parent.

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