Child Support Solutions

We help our clients structure successful child support solutions in cases with difficult circumstances and in formal litigation on contested child support issues.

Our family law specialists (each of them parents) recognize the child support challenges facing San Francisco area families, including those with special needs children and with gifted and talented children; along with the unique issues that are sometimes present in San Francisco Bay Area marriages with high income and fluctuating-income.

From Oakland to Atherton; from Berkeley to Belvedere; from Piedmont to Palo Alto to San Rafael and San Jose; and from Tiburon to Tomales, each child support case is special, separate and unique. Child support solutions must be structured with this in mind.

Our attorneys respect that parents have goals for their children requiring certain levels of support; and we work with clients to find child support solutions that meet those goals. Kathryn J. Brown a certified family law specialist, particularly understands the challenges facing parents who are actively employed, of parents who are professionals or business owners, and of parents who are employed in the fast paced computer science, software technology, medical and biotechnology fields.

The family law attorneys in our firm aim to develop child support solutions that will allow parents to avoid a formal trial over support issues. According to our firm's family law attorneys, each of the Courts in the Bay Area has particular ways of administering and applying California's child support laws. To be sure, there is a certain amount of uniformity as required by California statute; but results at trial can vary considerably.

What will the court decide if one parent is a wage earner, but one is not? What if one parent has income from investments, from a trust fund or from a prior marriage?

Our experienced family law attorneys provide assistance and strategic guidance to help our clients answer these and many related child support questions. The guidance we provide has been developed over decades of experience in the Superior Court Family Law Departments of each of the counties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To learn more about the firm's successful experience in this area and the ability of Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates to advocate for your best child support solution, contact any one of the family law attorneys at Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates.