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Our San Francisco law firm provides legal services to clients that range from individuals and small business owners, to substantial national companies and foreign-owned enterprises. Our law firm's clients' interests stretch from Palo Alto to Paris; from San Francisco to San Fernando to Sapporo; from Daly City to Foster City to Redwood City and from Yolo County to Yokohama.

Business clients served by our San Francisco law firm range from  regional financial service businesses and wholesale distributors, to multi-national software, biotech and internet technology companies with French, Japanese, Belgian, Chinese and Lichtenstein bases to small local business. Free enterprise. We believe in it.

The firm represents a wide range of individuals and property owners. Individual clients served by our San Francisco law firm include scientists and software developers, service providers and salesmen, physicians and nurses, firemen and policemen, executives and managers, teachers and administrators, not to mention employees at research and technology companies, import and export companies, wholesale businesses, retailers, real estate investors, school districts, fire departments and real estate brokerages.

Equal to its representation of individuals, our San Francisco law firm has decades of experience as a general practice representing business owners and entrepreneurs in the U.S. free enterprise system; and this exposure provides our specialist attorneys with considerable advantages when we develop estate planning and asset protection strategies.

Some of the firm's clients were previously represented by large law firms. They now engage Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates because of its ability to provide quality service rapidly at significantly lower expense than large firms charge for similar services.

We welcome new client relationships. Please review our Practice Areas and contact us for consultation or assistance. In some cases we are able to consult with new client on a same-day basis; particularly in situations where litigation has just commenced or where a claim event has just taken place.

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