E-3 Visa for Australia Specialty Occupation Professionals

Cynics of the U.S. visa system have described the visa process as an alphabet soup waiting for a bowl. Our San Francisco law firm’s immigration attorneys think of the visa process as an almost endless series of opportunities; including special opportunities under the E-3 visa for persons from “down under”.

The E-3 visa classification is solely for nationals of Australia. The E-3 visa has requirements that mimic the H-1B visa classification. The Australian national must be entering the United States just to perform tasks in a specialty occupation; theoretical and practical understanding in the particular professional fields is needed; and a college bachelor's degree, or higher college degree (or the equivalent) is required for the occupation in the United States.

Unlike the H-1B visa classification, E-3 visa applicants apply at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy that processes nonimmigrant petition based visas. That said, at the time of the in-person appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate some special requirements must be satisfied by the petitioner for this unique “Aussie” visa.

Unlike many visas, the E-3 visa does not have a quota or numerical “cap”, and approval is initially issued for two years. Extensions may be granted in two year blocs of time. There is no limit to the time that can eventually be spent in the U.S. in E-3 visa status.