Enforcement of Support Orders

Our family law attorneys are able to enforce support orders and support judgments through a variety of procedures, including by asset seizures and Sheriff sales in each of the San Francisco Bay Area counties and throughout California. Our firm's lawyers are also retained by out of state lawyers and by Japanese, French and Hong Kong family law attorneys to pursue California enforcement of support orders and to identify and freeze assets located in California.

In the case of deadbeat parents, besides enforcement of support orders through bank levies and asset seizures, Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates family law attorneys seek both civil and criminal contempt orders from the San Francisco Superior Court, Marin Superior Court, San Mateo Superior Court, Alameda Superior Court, Santa Clara Superior Court, Contra Costa Superior Court, Monterey Superior Court and Santa Cruz Superior Court.

Enforcement of support orders is a high priority for our firm. We take enforcement action quickly and decisively.

The Family Code's civil and criminal contempt procedures are used to complement other mechanisms for enforcement of support orders. Our experience is that only the most stubborn or unrealistic person will refuse to honor support obligations when faced with a criminal contempt trial and associated penalties that can include jail time.

Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates also represents spouses, as creditors, in bankruptcy cases with their ex-spouses. Federal bankruptcy law consideration must be balanced against the very real need of spouses (and children) for enforcement of support orders. Fortunately, there are a variety of Bankruptcy Code provisions which protect the support claims of spouses; and often the Bankruptcy Code will give these claims priority over other unsecured claims.

We welcome new client relationships, particularly where a parent is earning substantial income but is not honoring his (or her) support obligations. Please contact us for assistance with enforcement of support orders or to collect any type of judgment in the San Francisco Bay Area counties or California generally. Our law firm staff is fluent in French, Spanish, Korean and Cantonese.

Favorable support orders are wonderful. Winning is nice. But collecting is everything.