Estate Planning, Probate and Asset Protection

The firm assists clients with both simple and complex estate plans. Our work includes drafting family partnerships for clients with assets in the San Francisco area and anywhere in the world, i.e. not just in California or the San Francisco Bay Area counties.

Tax & estate planning, probate and asset protection questions should be on everyone's checklist; particularly those whose assets will be subject to tax upon death and especially persons whose wills are outdated. Our experience teaches us that, with a combination of trusts and family partnerships at the core of a plan of tax & estate planning, probate and asset protection concerns can be minimized or eliminated. We look for low risk and trouble free, if not risk free, solutions.

Historically high real estate values in the San Francisco area prompted these tax and estate planning and asset protection concerns; but the wealth of many individuals in San Francisco, the San Francisco Peninsula and the Silicon Valley is now based on holdings in biotech, high tech and new economy companies. Without planning, this wealth will require payment of substantial unnecessary estate taxes and the burdensome (and expensive) fees of probate proceedings.

A core goal of our firm is to provide clients with peace of mind and the knowledge that a plan is in place that will allow for asset and wealth transition to proceed smoothly.

Unfortunately, probate proceedings are often required to resolve inheritance issues, testamentary uncertainties and disputes over asset distribution. In those situations, our attorneys will provide strategic advice and recommendations for solutions; and, if litigation is necessary, aggressive representation in Probate Court.

Our firm both prosecutes and defends will contests and trust disputes in the San Francisco area Probate Courts and throughout California; and we generally represent executors, administrators, conservators, trustees and guardians in all formal Probate Court proceedings. As a result of the California Judicial Commission rules allowing telephonic appearances in courts, from our office in San Francisco we are able to economically handle probate matters and probate contests throughout California.

Our most experienced attorneys work on these matters.

To learn more about the firm's experiences in wealth transfer and the ability of Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates to provide asset protection solutions, contact Sid Luscutoff at Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates.

We welcome new clients with estate planning, tax and probate questions. Please review this and our other Practice Area pages and contact one of us for assistance. Our law firm staff is fluent in French, Spanish, Korean and Cantonese.

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