French Speaking Probate Lawyer

French speaking San Francisco lawyer Jean Yves Lendormy, a principal of Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates, personally assists clients who desire a French speaking probate lawyer in California. Mr. Lendormy and his firm also assist French speaking clients to prepare estate plans to avoid California probate expenses, to limit United States gift taxes and to minimize death taxes.

For over twenty five years, clients that desire a French speaking probate lawyer in California have regularly called upon Jean Yves Lendormy and Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates to administer probate matters in California and to draft wills and revocable and irrevocable trusts, QDOT Trusts, AB and ABC trusts, QTIP Trusts and family partnerships for assets anywhere in the United States, including California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

International tax & estate planning and probate questions can be somewhat complicated; and not just for persons with assets in both the United States and France. As a native French speaking lawyer, Jean Yves Lendormy counsels French, Swiss, Belgian and European citizens with property in the United States on how the U.S. death taxes on those assets can be minimized. For larger estates, sometimes a combination of trusts and family partnerships can be part of plan of tax & estate planning that reduces or eliminates probate expenses.

High real estate values in California and the San Francisco area historically increased probate costs and associated death taxes; but the recent wealth of many individuals in California, the Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the San Francisco Peninsula is now based on investments in biotechnology, software and new economy companies. Without probate and tax planning, this new economy wealth will result in payment of substantial unnecessary estate taxes and the expensive fees of formal probate proceedings.

A primary goal of our firm is to counsel clients so that they have peace of mind. We want clients to rest easy with the knowledge that an estate plan is in place that will allow for wealth and asset transfers to proceed smoothly and in a way that does not trigger unnecessary probate court proceedings and publicity or create excessive death taxes.

Unfortunately, without careful tax planning and estate planning, probate proceedings are often required to resolve uncertainties, inheritance disputes and questions over asset distribution. In those probate situations, our attorneys will provide recommendations for strategic solutions; and, if formal litigation is necessary, we will aggressively represent our clients in Probate Court proceedings.

For international clients who desire a French speaking probate lawyer, Jean Yves Lendormy both prosecutes and defends probate and will contests and trust disputes in the courts throughout California. He and his colleagues at Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates represent French speaking executors, administrators, conservators, trustees and guardians in all formal Probate Court proceedings. Because of the California Judicial Council rules permitting court appearances by telephone, our San Francisco law firm is able to economically handle probate matters and probate contests throughout California.

If you desire the assistance of a French speaking probate lawyer; or if you wish to learn more about the firm's experience in probate matters generally, please call Jean Yves Lendormy to discuss these probate questions as well as United States tax planning and wealth transfer through trusts.

Our lawyers welcome new international and probate clients. For more information about the full range of services our San Francisco law firm can provide to international and French speaking clientele, please review our Practice Area pages and contact us for assistance. When you contact us, request an appointment with Jean Yves Lendormy if you require the assistance of a French speaking probate lawyer in California.