French Speaking U.S. Tort Lawyer - Bodily Injuries and Deaths

Jean Yves Lendormy is a French speaking U.S. tort lawyer who represents clients in accident cases where there are serious bodily injuries and deaths. Mr. Lendormy's San Francisco law firm of Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates litigates wrongful death cases, tort claims and bodily injury cases in both the United States federal courts and in all the California state courts. Mr. Lendormy is able to represent French speaking clients who have tort or indemnity claims anywhere in the United States; and, especially, clients who desire representation by a highly experienced native French speaking U.S. lawyer.

French speaking families of accident victims also regularly retain Mr. Lendormy in United States and California tort and indemnity matters where a loved one has suffered serious bodily injuries. All of these clients benefits from having an experienced French speaking U.S. lawyer like Jean Yves Lendormy, who has two decades of trial experience in both the state and federal courts.

For over twenty five (25) years, Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates has been winning tort and indemnity lawsuits and has successfully resolved serious injury and death claims for United States clients and for clients from Europe, Asia and the Americas. To meet the needs of its international clients, our San Francisco law firm has experienced lawyers who are French speaking, Japanese speaking, Mandarin speaking and Spanish speaking; and highly skilled legal assistants who speak Cantonese, Korean, French and Spanish.

Our team of bi-lingual lawyers and legal assistants handle serious injury and death cases in all the California courts and across the United States. We carefully evaluate and then aggressively pursue meritorious cases with serious injuries and deaths on behalf of accident victims and on behalf of the families of accident victims; including families in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Mexico.

French speaking U.S. lawyer Jean Yves Lendormy has won indemnity and tort cases with claims of serious bodily injuries or deaths because of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, airplane crashes and aviation accidents, tour bus crashes, pedestrian deaths, cruise boat accidents, maritime tragedies, and as a result of unsafe premises or defective products.

Our personal injury and tort lawyers win some very complex indemnity, bodily injury and death cases. For example, at present the firm is representing French speaking accidents victims in a wide variety of personal injury cases, tort cases and wrongful death claims against both domestic and foreign defendants. These cases involve California and United States law, and the interplay of those laws with International Conventions of the European Community, French law and Canadian law. Sureties and insurance companies from the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe and the United States are involved.

Insurance issues (and insurance coverage disputes) must be considered in all indemnity and tort cases. Careful analysis of insurance issues and financial responsibility of wrongdoers can make a big difference on whether a personal injury claim will have a satisfactory outcome.

To learn more about our successful track record in this area and the ability of Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates to win indemnity cases with tort and personal injury claims, and to win accident cases involving serious bodily injuries or death, contact French speaking U.S. lawyer Jean Yves Lendormy at Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates for a free telephone consultation.

Please contact us for an immediate free phone consultation if you or a loved one becomes the victim of an accidental injury or death. Jean Yves Lendormy and our law firm staff are able to assist clients who speak French, Spanish, Korean and Cantonese. Other attorneys in the firm are Japanese speaking, Mandarin Speaking, Spanish speaking and Burmese speaking.

Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates has received the highest possible Martindale-Hubbell rating awarded in the United States for legal ability and legal ethics. We are proud of our excellent reputation in the United States and in the California legal community. Based on a detailed peer review process, the firm received a rating of 'AV', the highest national rating awarded to law firms by Lexis-Nexis legal publisher Martindale-Hubbell.