International Child Custody

Our San Francisco firm represents both domestic and international clients to confirm their parental custody rights and to establish safe custody and support of their minor children in California and around the world.

Nothing spurs our firm to action more that where there has been an international child abduction by a parent acting outside the law. Everyone in our firm - family law attorneys, French speaking lawyers, immigration attorneys, Japanese speaking lawyers, international business lawyers, Korean speaking staff - takes notice and shares his or her expertise. Everyone.

More commonly, our San Francisco law firm is enlisted to help parents resolve international child custody and international child support questions in the California courts. We are also regularly retained by foreign law firms to secure and confirm for their foreign clients in California and the United States the international child custody and child support rights established by foreign court orders.

The firm is exceptionally well qualified to confirm United States and California court jurisdiction over international custody disputes; and we then move quickly to obtain temporary and permanent custody orders. Those California court orders for custody are then entered in the official records of other countries, where they can be enforced worldwide.

Kathryn J. Brown and the rest of our attorneys have an arsenal of resources to devote to international child custody disputes and in child support disputes in international cases. These resources include talented child custody evaluators, consulting economic and wage experts and multi-national practices experts.

If a parent acts outside the law we take immediate steps in the Courts to obtain appropriate Court orders. Armed with the appropriate court orders, we initiate public sector and private sector action. We interface with federal and state agencies to enforce those orders and to ensure the support and the safety of minor children.

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