Marriage Dissolution

Each of our firm's family law attorneys, including specialist Kathryn J. Brown, represent both husbands and wives in California marriage dissolution cases, with attention to marriage dissolutions where one spouse resided in, or has assets in or is domiciled in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The term 'divorce' most often refers to the process for dissolution of a valid marriage. As a general rule, after a spouse has been domiciled in California at least six (6) months with residence in San Francisco or any of the San Francisco Bay Area counties for three (3) months, a marriage dissolution (divorce) proceeding can be commenced in the Superior Court for that county of domicile. The three month venue rule applies to all California counties.

Attorneys in our firm's family law practice advise both husbands and wives on the most appropriate method for formally ending a marital relationship. Often this can be accomplished by a 'routine' marriage dissolution proceeding without contested issues. Other times the marriage dissolution process will open up a wide range of complex or contested asset, support or custody issues that require particularly careful analysis and a corresponding amount of thoughtful work.

In California, petitions for dissolution of marriage rely on a 'no fault' system of divorce based, most often, on 'irreconcilable differences' between the spouses. As a rule, the 'irreconcilable differences' will be presumed when the petitioning spouse files the marriage dissolution petition.

This circumstance, irreconcilable differences, is the dominant basis for dissolving marriages in California; although the Family Code does allow that the 'incurable insanity' of a spouse be recognized as another permissible ground for marriage dissolution.

Please contact us for assistance if your marriage has reached the point of irreconcilable differences; or, alternatively, if your spouse may be the victim of incurable insanity.

Any one of our family law attorneys can assist you with an initial consultation. For complex cases, or where there are substantial assets or marital income, please ask for a consultation with certified specialist Kathryn J. Brown.