Marvin Relationships

Luscutoff, Lendormy & Associates' San Francisco family law attorneys have many years' experience with Marvin vs. Marvin issues and cases. Marvin relationships are not governed by the Family Code. The rights in a Marvin relationship are resolved in the general civil department of the Superior Courts.

The term "Marvin case" is used to describe Superior Court resolution of promises and expectations in relationships between unmarried couples who are living together.

"Marvin" cases have added wrinkles in California cities like San Francisco, Berkeley and Santa Monica where rent control ordinances may operate to give 'subtenant' rights to Marvin Relationship co-habitants. These issues have to be identified and acknowledged in any case involving Marvin claims.

Unlike several other states, California did not enact laws creating so-called common law marriage. Merely living together, therefore, does not give rise to marriage-like rights. Actor Lee Marvin and Michele Triola Marvin, an unmarried couple that lived together for many years, challenged that notion.

In 1976 the California Supreme Court decided the case of Marvin vs. Marvin, 18 Cal.3d 660, and said that the general law of contract will govern the relationships of unmarried cohabitants, i.e. persons who live together. The Family Code and community property notions do not apply.

The Marvin decision explained that unmarried persons do not enjoy the Family Code's property and support rights, and related obligations and remedies. All of these Family Code rights are predicated on a valid marriage or registered domestic partnership.

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