Nullity of Marriage

Our firm's State Bar Certified family law specialists will determine if your marriage warrants a nullity proceeding instead of filing a petition for dissolution.

Nullity proceedings deal with property division and related questions when a marriage is not valid to begin with. Parentage, child custody and child support issues are resolved in both types of proceedings. Dissolution proceedings, on the other hand, are used to terminate a valid marriage.

Proceedings to secure a judgment for nullity of marriage are sometimes quite straightforward. Other times, such as when bigamy is involved, they can be particularly frustrating and complex. That said, nullity of marriage petitions are filed frequently enough in the larger San Francisco area counties, such as San Mateo, Santa Clara and Contra Costa, that judges in the Redwood City, San Jose and Walnut Creek courthouses are well equipped to handle the issues that arise in nullity of marriage cases.

The real property and financial issues which arise during a nullity proceeding are resolved sensibly and quickly by our experienced family law attorneys, often by enlisting the assistance of the firm's tax, business and real estate attorneys.

Note: A marriage can be invalid - void or voidable - for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons are technical and require a close inquiry.

However, the inquiry can be well worth the effort. Advantages of a nullity determination can include complete avoidance of community property rights. The financial consequences of that factor alone should not be overlooked.

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