Spousal Support Obligations

Because of their decades of experience in the San Francisco area courts, our family law attorneys, particularly our California State Bar certified specialist, often can quickly provide guidance and estimates of spousal support obligations that will be set by judges in the San Francisco Bay Area counties. This spousal support guidance is informed by our attorneys' regular appearances in the Family Law Departments of the courts in San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

Spousal support obligations, though, should not be over simplified. To be sure, we look for and often can suggest straightforward structures that will satisfy spousal support obligations, especially in high income and high asset cases. However, especially in the case of San Francisco Bay Area professional practices, technology start-ups and self employed business owners, the answers to questions on temporary and permanent spousal support obligations will vary considerably.

Earnings statements, accounting records and computer formulas (Dissomaster, etc.) are just the starting point. Each spousal support scenario requires individual attention and a strategy and a solution that takes into consideration all the facts and all of the law.

Our family law attorneys have regular experience handling the thorny spousal support issues that arise when one spouse is underemployed or when both spouses are trained professionals, but where only one spouse is presently employed. And, if one spouse has special access to income or resources, we must resolve whether those can be considered for purposes of spousal support obligations.

Sometimes spousal support questions lead to great debate without solution. Sometimes there is a stalemate. Such stalemates over spousal support obligations must then be resolved in a public Superior Court trial or by a private trial before a retired judge. Our experience is that all of these judges respect the expertise and arguments presented at trials conducted by skilled certified family law specialists.

Our San Francisco family law attorneys know the Northern California and San Francisco Bay Area judges, both active and retired, who have particular expertise on family law generally and within certain of the sub-areas of California family law; including spousal support obligations. If a trial over spousal support becomes necessary, our attorneys are able to proved strategic guidance on available choices of special masters and trial judges.

Please contact us to consult on spousal support issues and for assistance with family law matters generally. We welcome new client relationships.