Support Modification

Circumstances change. Jobs are lost. Children spend more time with one parent. Children discover new talents. Remarriages happen. Assets are uncovered. Incomes change.

Support obligations must be re-evaluated and modified accordingly.

Support modification orders can be obtained both before and after a judgment of dissolution. The procedure requires a documented motion for either child support modification or spousal support modification, or both.

San Francisco, the San Francisco Peninsula, San Jose and the Silicon Valley are dynamic economic environments for parents. When economic circumstances change, both child support modification and spousal support modification may be appropriate.

During the course of a support obligation, it is not unusual for talented spouses in the San Francisco Bay Area to follow opportunities and change jobs from one research, biotech, investment banking or high tech employer to another. Partially employed spouses become fully employed; stock bonuses turn into cash and contingent and incentive compensation awarded months ago is finally paid.

The family law attorneys in our family law department, have decades of experience evaluating and calculating support requirements and proving entitlement to support modification. They are experts at uncovering hidden compensation and income producing assets.

Our family law attorneys aim to uncover all the facts, all the income and all the available resources of parents, spouses and ex-spouses so that a fair decision can be reached on whether spousal support modification is warranted and on the related, but separate, issue of child support modification.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you when circumstances change and when spousal or child support should be re-evaluated. Our attorneys take pride in the firm's reputation on support modification successes and in the California legal community generally. Following a peer review process, the firm was awarded the highest possible national rating ('AV') awarded to law firms by Martindale-Hubbell legal publishers.

We look forward to assisting new clients. Please don't hesitate to contact our family law department for consultation and assistance on support modification issues. Our law firm staff is fluent in French, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and Cantonese.